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Risto 3 is the largest production cooperative in Trentino with more than 30 years of experience, with its 1000 workers and workers and the capillary distribution in the province of about 6 million meals per year.

Founded in 1979, it has become a leader in catering services on the provincial territory thanks to the professionalism of its collaborators and collaborators and to an entrepreneurial strategy that has always aimed to guarantee a quality product and service.

The demands of its customers are now met by Risto 3 through its 250 cooking points.
The credibility built over the years has meant that among its customers are present the most important public institutions of the Province, entrepreneurs of the territory and a multitude of private customers with whom we maintain a fruitful and effective collaboration.

A careful selection of Suppliers guarantees to the customers quality of raw materials that are subjected to continuous sanitary hygiene checks to guarantee food safety and correspondence to the required quality standards.

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